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Degree of Roast: 1= lightest roast 5 = darkest roast

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  • African Queen

    A delicate blend which strives to capture the essence of East Africa. Winy, fruity with finesse, sweetness, and a fragrant aroma. Degree of Roast: 2 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Alpenglow FTO

    This signature blend is made up entirely of certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees. A medium to full-bodied coffee with coffees from the Eastern Africa region and the Americas. Enjoy...
  • AM Blend

    A lively brew from Central and South America with brilliant flavors and a wonderful finish...a perfect complement to a gorgeous sunrise. Degree of Roast: 2 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Espresso

    A strong and full-bodied blend that produces a full flavor cup. This will work well in espresso machines and as a pour-over. Degree of Roast: 3 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Far East Rim

    This is a large, lingering, haunting coffee with a dark roast component. It is low in acidity with a hint of earthiness and mustiness...a big full-bodied coffee that fights to...
  • Featured Dark Roast

    Each week we roast a single origin darker to bring that deep, rich flavor, dark coffee lovers seek.
  • French Roast

    Our darkest roast...a blend of seven coffees with strong caramelized flavor and low acidity. Degree of Roast: 5 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Hawaiian Sunrise

    A 50/50 blend of high grown ‘mauka’ Kona with Central American coffees. The goal is to complement the delicate Kona flavor components without overwhelming them. Our sunrise blend has brilliant...
  • House

    This coffee goes back to the fall of 1981 when House blend first put a smile on our face. It is comprised of seven origins from Central America, Indonesia, and Africa...
  • Jamaican Sunrise

    A 50% Jamaican Blue Mountain blend with outstanding balance and haunting aromas. The Jamaican in this blend is from the Wallenford®. Degree of Roast: 2 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Late Night

    A 50% decaf combination with half the caffeine and all the flavor for evening sipping. Degree of Roast: 3 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Mocha Java

    Mocha Java is quite possibly the first real blend of coffee on the European continent back in the 16th century. It is a marriage of the first coffees brought North...
  • Morning Thunder

    One of our first blends with over 30 years of history. It is a marriage of Indonesia & Central Amercia. Full-bodied, smooth and rich….yet elegant. Degree of Roast: 2 Coffee...
  • Old Dutch

    Reminiscent of the 'Old World' style coffee from the Java plantations in the 17th century to Europe. This coffee underwent a metamorphosis in the several month journey in the damp...
  • Silverfork Blend

    This signature blend is similar to our House Blend, but one step further. A little darker, a little richer, with a smooth finish. Degree of Roast: 3.5 Coffee sold by...
  • Viennese Organic

    The lightest of the dark roasts. A perfect European-style after-dinner coffee. A blend of certified organics and shade-grown coffees. Degree of Roast: 3 Coffee sold by the pound   
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