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All teas sold by the ¼ lb.

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  • Chinese Gunpowder


    Each leaf is delicately hand-rolled, and “explodes” as it is infused, leaving a distinct yet subtle green leaf flavor.

  • Indian Green Nilgiris Organic


    Korakunha Nilgiri Estate is a unique south Indian high grown green tea that has a robust flavor, earthy aroma, and refreshing finish.

  • Japanese Gen Mai Cha Organic


    Similar grassy flavor of the Sencha teas, but this subtle full leaf tea is blended with toasted rice and puffed corn, giving it a malty overtone.

  • Jasmine Yin Hao Organic


    Partially fermented tea laced with Jasmine flowers, creating a slightly sweet and delicate brew.

  • Oolong Ti Kwan Yin #2


    Sweet, subtle and complex. A tea for a moment of calm.

  • Pu-er Organic



    Semi-fermented tea with an even leaf style, brewing a strong cup.

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