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Degree of Roast: 1= lightest roast 5 = darkest roast

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  • Alpenglow FTO

    This signature blend is made up entirely of certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees. A medium to full-bodied coffee with coffees from the Eastern Africa region and the Americas. Enjoy...
  • Costa Rica Organic

    COSTA RICA La Amistad Organic – The coffee from Hacienda la Amistad shines not only in the cup, but in its commitment to the environment and community. It’s remarkable that...
  • Espresso Decaf Organic

    A blend of certified organics and shade-grown coffees. An exceptionally balanced decaf that is roasted darker and certified organic. The flavor and enjoyment without the caffeine. Degree of Roast: 3.5...
  • Ethiopia Washed FTO

    ETHIOPIA Washed FTO - This coffee take me back decades to great Ethiopias from the past.  So easy to drink with peach and melon sweetness, a lemon jasmine floral character...
  • Guatemala Organic

    GUATEMALA Organic - Smooth, creamy and balanced w. lemony brightness, but not over the top. Degree of Roast: 2-3 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Honduras FTO Yellow Honey

    HONDURAS FTO Liquidambar Yellow Honey - This is a light, aromatic, eminently drinkable coffee Degree of Roast: 2 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Java Organic

    JAVA Organic Taman Dadar - This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms located near the villages of Curah Tatal and Kayumas on the island of Java, Indonesia. It was first...
  • Mexico Decaf FTO Water Processed

    Mexico Huatusco FTO Decaf- A bright fair trade organic water processed decaf coffee, similar to its caffeinated version, with a full aroma and snappy finish. Degree of Roast: 2.5 Coffee...
  • Mexico FTO

    MEXICO FTO Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Altura -This coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Cooperativa de producción Tzeltal-Tzotzil, an organization operating in 26 indigenous communities in the...
  • Nicaragua FTO

    NICARAGUA Sabor de Segovia Fair Trade Organic - This fair trade organic is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo de Las Segovias. They operate a centrally...
  • Nicaragua FTO Decaf Swiss Water

    NICARAGUA FTO Decaf Swiss Water Processed - This is a light, floral quaffable coffee Degree of Roast: 2 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Peru Decaf Organic

    From the fertile mountain valleys of the eastern slopes of the Andes, this decaf is a bright, clean coffee that is delightfully drinkable. Degree of Roast: 2.5
  • Peru Organic

    PERU Organic Huabal -  This organic coffee comes from Edward Alexy Gonzales Mundaca. Edward harvests and processes his crop on his 20 acre farm called Las Huacas. Using his micro-mill,...
  • Sumatra Organic

    SUMATRA Gayo Mtn. Organic - An earthy, full-bodied, syrupy Indonesian similar to our conventional Sumatra but a bit spicy with a quicker finish. Degree of Roast: 3 Coffee sold by...
  • Viennese Organic

    The lightest of the dark roasts. A perfect European-style after-dinner coffee. A blend of certified organics and shade-grown coffees. Degree of Roast: 3 Coffee sold by the pound   
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