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– egg, veggies & cheese V OR w/ bacon.  $5.75

Tortilla Española Quiche – potato au gratin, egg & cheese.  $5.75

Breakfast Burrito – egg, cheese, beans, & potato V or w/ bacon.  $6.95

Chimichanga – potato, rice, beans & veggies. Made daily! VN DF   $7.50


Bagel w/ cream cheese
– plain, parm, everything or cinn. raisin V $3.60

Chèvre Bagel – cream cheese, Chèvre, sundried tomatoes mix V   $4.95

Nut Butter, Honey, Banana – chunky peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, Guatemalan Coffee honey
and banana on your choice of cinn raisin or plain bagel V  $4.95

Hummus Bagel – choice of bagel with homemade hummus. V VN DF    $5.30

Strawberry Cream Bagel – fresh strawberry cream cheese, served on a cinnamon
raisin bagel with fresh strawberries on top. $5.30

Vegan Bagel –
bagel w/ hummus & guacamole VN DF  $6.50

Avocado Bagel – bagel w/avocado, homemade salsa & pine nuts VN DF  $6.95

Pesto Salmon Bagel – braised salmon in pesto, garlic and onion w/ cream cheese.   $9.80

Açai Bowl – packed w/antioxidants served w/homemade granola & fresh VN DF   $7.75

Granola Bowl/Parfait – granola, fresh fruit w/ yogurt or milk (optional) $4.25

Oatmeal – rolled oats, milk, fresh berries, banana, & honey.  Walnuts upon request $4.25


Homemade Empanadas
– Spicy chicken.  Baked daily!   $3.45

ROCO Nachos – org. corn chips, cheese, black beans & homemade salsa V  $6.95

Madras Lentils – lentils, red beans, spices, cream & tomatoes.  Served over rice.  V  $7.75

Authentic Mexican Quesadilla – This is no regular quesadilla! Handmade with masa (corn flour), chicken mixture,
and cheese, then pan fried in peanut oil. Served w/ spicy green salsa & crema Mexicana. Big enough to share.  $8.25

Vegan Mexican Quesadilla – We couldn’t let the meat-eaters have all the fun!  Homemade corn flour tortilla, mushrooms, chiles, onion & garlic
then pan fried in peanut oil. Choice of hot, med or mild salsa.  Hot salsa is  made with adobo and peanut sauce.  VN DF $8.25

Roasted Chicken on Pita – chicken, Jarlsberg Swiss, guacamole & red onions on a pita.    $8.50


Ask about our fresh croissants, cookies, coffee cakes, frangipane and more!

V = Vegetarian  VN = vegan  DF = dairy free


All beverages are made with whole or skim milk.
Alternative milks (soy,
almond, oat, or coconut +$0.95).
Drinks can be made hot or iced!


Pumpkin Latte – a classic latte made with real pumpkin, spices and a pump of vanilla. $5.15 (12oz), $7.15(20oz)

EggNog Latte – made with eggnog mixture.  No booze in this one but you can close your eyes and pretend 😉  $5.15 (12oz), $7.15(20oz)

Nutcracker Latte – classice latte with macadamia nut, almond and hazelnut sryup mix.  $5.15 (12oz), $7.15(20oz)

Peppermint Mocha Latte – homemade mocha powder, peppermint syrup and steamed milk $4.70 (12oz), $6.45 (20oz)  white chocolate (not homemade) +1.10

Espresso – 2 shots  $2.80

Americano – Espresso w/ water   $2.80 (8/12oz)

Cortado – 2oz espresso w/ 2oz steamed milk (a strong latte).   $3.50 (4oz)

Macchiato – We serve ours traditional style: 2oz espresso topped w/ a dollop of milk
foam, served in espresso cup. (If you’re looking for a sweet caramel macchiato, ask for a
caramel latte!)  $3.50 (4oz)

Café au lait/Con Leche – Coffee w/ steamed milk  $2.75 (12oz), $3.55 (16/20oz)

Cappuccino – 2oz espresso w/ steamed milk. Options: wet (mostly milk, less foam)
dry (mostly foam, less milk), classic (½ foam, ½ milk).  $3.75 (8oz)

Latte – Espresso w/ micro foamed steamed milk.  $3.75 (12oz), $4.50 (16oz), $5.70 (20oz)

Mocha Latte – Homemade mocha powder, 2oz espresso, steamed milk. (White mocha +$1.10).  $4.00 (12oz), $4.80 (16oz), $5.75 (20oz)

Chai Latte – Homemade chai w/ steamed milk (mild, medium, or spicy).
$3.75 (12oz), $4.70 (16/20oz)

Matcha Latte – Japanese powdered green tea and steamed milk w/ honey (vanilla +$0.75).  $4.95 (12oz), $5.95 (16oz), $6.25 (20oz)

London Fog – Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, lavender or vanilla syrup.
$4.15 (12oz), $5.25 (16oz), $5.60 (20oz)

Frappe – 2oz espresso, ½ and ½, vanilla, banana. Blended into frozen beverage.
Options: vanilla, caramel, or mocha. Can be made w/o banana.  $5.90 (20oz)

Drip Coffee – Coffee of the day  $1.95 (8oz), $2.13 (12oz), $2.90 (16/20oz)

Iced Coffee – Served w/ coffee ice cubes.  $2.13 (12oz), $2.90 (16/20oz)

Tea – Ask for tea list!  $2.80 (12/16/20oz)

Iced Tea – Ask for tea list!  $3.30 (12/16/20oz)

Cold Brew – Coffee steeped in refrigerator. No hot water touches the grounds. This
creates a less acidic, smoother coffee. Served w/ coffee ice cubes.
$3.65 (12oz), $4.65 (16/20oz)

Nitro Cold Brew – Cold brew on nitro tap. Served w/ coffee ice cubes.
$4.60 (12oz), $5.60 (16oz)

Pour Overs – Choose from any of our coffees. Konas & Jamaicas are not always available
and will be upcharged.  $3.70 (12oz), $4.95 (16oz)

AeroPress – Rapid immersion brewing using an AeroPress coffee maker. Smooth, low
acidity coffee w/o bitterness.  $2.80 (8oz)

Hot Chocolate – Homemade mocha powder w/ steamed milk (kids temperature upon request).  $3.75 (12oz), $4.40 (16/20oz)

Steamer – Steamed milk w/ syrup (kids temperature upon request).
2.95 (12oz), $3.75 (16/20oz)

Italian Soda – Sparkling water w/ flavored syrup (24 choices). W/ ½ and ½ or whipped
cream.  $4.15 (16oz)

* Ask about our special seasonal drinks! *

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