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  • AeroPress


    AeroPress brews with hot, but not boiling water. AeroPress coffee has one fifth the acid of drip or French Press Coffee. It produces a better straight espresso-style coffee than many home machines.

  • AeroPress Go Travel


    AeroPress Go Travel, like its sister brewer, brews with hot not boiling water and has one fifth the acid of drip or French Press Coffee. The AeroPress Go Travel brews 1-3 cups in seconds. It is great for camping, travel or to bring to the office and makes a great gift.

  • Chemex 6 Cup Coffeemaker


    6-Cup Chemex, filter drip coffeemaker. Non-porous Borosilicate glass will not absorb odors or chemicals. May be used for coffee, tea, iced coffee and beverage infusions.

  • French Press Travel Mug 15oz


    Crafted from BPA-free plastic, this portable coffee maker with built-in silicone and mesh plunger lid takes the place of a traditional 3-cup French press.

  • French Press Travel Mug 15oz s/s


    Travel French press coffee maker, ideal for enjoying your favorite cup of coffee on the go.

  • La Marzocco Linea Mini


    You know what they say: the best things come in small packages, which perfectly describes the La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine. A commercial-grade espresso machine, compact in size, making it the perfect new addition to your home or small business.

    La Marzocco has taken the Linea Classic commercial espresso machine and redesigned it for the home market.

    The La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine is a high-performance machine by any standards. The PID controlled dual boilers and integrated brew group system with pre-infusion will bring superb consistency to your espresso routine.

    Shipping charges not included.

  • V60 Coffee Dripper Glass 02


    Hario V60 is engineered to brew a great cup of coffee and is made with high-quality glass.

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