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MEXICO FTO Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Altura -This coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Cooperativa de producción Tzeltal-Tzotzil, an organization operating in 26 indigenous communities in the northern region of Chiapas, Mexico. Coffee producers use their own micro-mill to process harvested cherries, which allows for meticulous care in depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. Coffee is cultivated on farms that average less than 10 acres in size. In addition to coffee, member of Tzeltal-Tzotzil also process around 80 tons of honey. Producers are focused organic practice to protect their environment and on quality to gain higher income for the improved livelihood of their families.

Degree of Roast: 2

Coffee sold by the pound   



Grower: Cooperativa de producción Tzeltal-Tzotzil, SCL

Region: Pantelho, San Juan Cancuc, Chalchihuitan, Sitala, Simojovel, and Chenalho, Chiapas, Mexico

Variety: Bourbon, Mundo Novo, and Typica

Altitude: 660 – 1460 masl

Process: fully washed, sun-dried

Tasting Profile: Lemon/lime, tangerine, sweet pepper, milk chocolate

Degree of Roast: 2

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