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PANAMA Boquete La Gloria Estate.  The La Gloria Estate is one of several “Baru Indian High” estates in Boquete’s Horqueta subregion. These estates benefit from altitudes reaching 2000 meters at their peak, nutrient-rich volcanic soils, mild average temperatures, and ideal annual rainfall. La Gloria has access to natural spring water that flows through the area, useful at the farm and around the estate, and also a direct water source for local farmers. The coffee is wet-processed and patio dried in the much warmer climate of Dolega, Cosecha nearby.

Degree of Roast: 2

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An elegant brew with a perfumey bouquet, lively full, flavor and approachable acidity.

Grower: La Gloria Estate

Region: Boquete Horquete

Variety: Caturra, Catuaí, Typica

Altitude: 1800 – 2000 meters

Process: Washed, Wet-processed patio and mechanical dried

Tasting Notes: cane sugar, cacao, almond, baked baked apple

Degree of Roast: 2

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