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Peru Organic Unroasted

Price per 2 lb. PERU Alto Urubamba Organic – From the fertile mountain valleys of eastern slopes of the Andes, this is a bright, clean coffee that is delightfully drinkable.

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Producers typically cultivate coffee on just a few acres of land intercropped with shade trees, bananas, corn, and beans. They carefully harvest and sort cherries before depulping, fermenting, washing, and drying the coffee using their own micromills. The cooperative strives to improve the quality of life for coffee producers and their families through internationally marketing coffee to gain improved premiums based on a reputation for quality and certification.

Grower: Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Alto Urubamba

Region: Villa Rica, Oxampampa, Pasco

Variety: Catimor, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica

Altitude: 1300 – 1800 meters

Process: fully washed, sun-dried

Tasting Notes: Clean, quaffable, almond, fresh baked bread

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