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Ethiopia Natural Organic Unroasted


ETHIOPIA Natural Orgainc Guji Uraga – This coffee is sourced from 600 family-ownedfarms organized around Feku Jiberil, at hiscoffee washing station located in the town ofTomme within the Guji Zone of the OromiaRegion, Ethiopia. Coffee producers delivertheir ripe cherries to the Feku’ s washingstation where the cherries are sorted animmediately placed on raised beds and driedover a period of 18 to 21 days. The raiseddrying beds are carefully constructed toensure proper air circulation and temperaturecontrol for an optimal drying process. Cherries are also turned regularly on the beds toprevent damage during the drying process.



Grower: 600 producers in Feku Jiberil

Region: Tomme, Guji Zone, Oromia

Variety: Indigenous heirloom cultivars

Altitude: 1650 – 1800 masl

Process: Fully natural, sun-dried on raised beds

Tasting Notes: blueberry, black cherry, strawberry, anise

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