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New Guinea Organic


PAPAU NEW GUINEA Organic- Goroka, the closest urban center to Bena Coffee Farm, is one of the main highland towns on the westbound Highlands Highway—the rugged, and only, official route connecting the East coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and its industrial port of Lae with the island’s central rainforests.  Bena Coffee Farm, about ten miles Southeast of Goroka, is a hybrid model for PNG: a 33 hectare private estate whose coffee is sub-divided into individual family-run plots for direct management, many of which have been cared for by the same family for two generations. Coffee was first planted at Bena in the early 1990s, and has grown over time as coffee continues to be planted anew. Each participating family unit manages their individual block within the greater farmland. This includes coffee plant management (pruning, weeding), soil drainage and overall health, fencing, and canopy management. Canopy tends to made up of leguminous nitrogen fixers such as Casuarina, Albizia and Lucina trees, and common subsistence crops like banana and taro are frequently interplanted. Coffee on Bena Coffee Farm, while tended in small individual plots, is processed as is typical among smallholders in PNG: cherry is picked and hand-pulped on site, and then fermented dry in small plastic tubs or bags between 36-48 hours.

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Unlike other coffees from the Pacific Rim, New Guinea has flavor characteristics more like coffee from Central America …. clean, bright and easy to drink.

Grower: Bena Coffee Farm

Region: Unggai Bena District, Eastern Highlands

Variety: Blue Mountain, Arusha, Mundo Novo, Bourbon

Altitude: 1600 masl

Process: Fully washed and sun dried

Degree of Roast: 2

Tasting Notes: Lime, maple syrup, black tea, rhubarb

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