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  • Espresso Decaf

    A strong and full-bodied blend that is rich in natural oils. It will work well in espresso machines and in pour-over brewing. This is our darkest decaf! Degree of Roast:...
  • Featured Dark Roast

    Each week we roast a single origin darker to bring that deep, rich flavor, dark coffee lovers seek.
  • House Decaf

    This Central American and African blend is a rich, full-bodied SLRC original decaf blend. Degree of Roast: 3.5 Coffee sold by the pound   
  • Mocca Java Decaf

    MOCCA JAVA Decaf -This is quite possibly the first real blend of coffee on the European continent back in the 16th century. It is a marriage of the first coffees...
  • Old Dutch

    Reminiscent of the 'Old World' style coffee from the Java plantations in the 17th century to Europe. This coffee underwent a metamorphosis in the several month journey in the damp...
  • Silverfork Blend

    This signature blend is similar to our House Blend, but one step further. A little darker, a little richer, with a smooth finish. Degree of Roast: 3.5 Coffee sold by...
  • Sumatra Decaf

    SUMATRA Decaf - An earthy, full-bodied Indonesian that lingers on your palate. Degree of Roast: 3.5 Coffee sold by the pound   
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