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Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Pro


Ceramic conical burrs, high-quality Hario glass, easy grind adjuster.


This Skerton Pro Coffee Mill is made with ceramic conical burrs allows for percise uniform grinds. More uniformed and consistent grinds will yeild a better cup of coffee. The ceramic burrs are easy to adjust for different grind size.  The removeable burrs  allow for easy cleaning.  It’s anti-slip rubber base make for easy stabilizied grinding at home or on the go.  Hario uses high-quality durable Japanese glass and their name is synonomous with innovative high-quality coffee and tea equipment.   The Skerton Pro comes with a cover for the glass grind container.  It is dishwasher safe and makes for easy portability.  Pair this grinder with the Hario V60 coffee dripper and Hario V60 filters.

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