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Rwanda Washed Unroasted


Price per 2lb.  RWANDA Washed- The Nyamasheke district is gifted with cool, humid climates of both Lake Kivu and the N.yungwe Forest National Park that keep groundwater abundant throughout the uniquely hill y region. Murundo’s coffees in particular are full of complex sugars, currant-like acids, blackberry and spice flavors, and round, soft textures. Coffees from this region are often jammier and heavier than in the rest of the country. The snappy acidity, stone fruit flavors, and fragrant herbaceousness found in Rwanda’s coffee is still completely unique to bourbon produced anywhere else in the entire world. Producer groups like Baho cherish their farmers’ potential and are learning to maximize the quality and variety available.


Grower: Farmers organized around Ngoma Coffee Washing Station

Variety: Local bourbon varieties

Region: Ngoma Village, Nyamasheke District, Western Province, Rwanda

Harvest: March-May

Altitude: 1500 – 1850 masl

Process: Full natural and dried in the sun

Tasting Notes: Lemon, berry, vanilla, fig, caramel, clove

Degree of Roast: 2

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