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Brazil Unroasted


Price per 2 lb. BRAZIL Mantiqueira de Minas Samir Rage Matuck has owned and managed Fazenda Santa Rosa for 20 years. Santa Rosa has a total area of more than 370 acres cultivated with coffee. Fazenda Santa Rosa recycles water during coffee processing and reuses coffee pulp as fuel for mechanical dryers and organic fertilizer to minimize environmental impact on the land.



Brazil Soledade de Minas, Mantiqueira Region

Grower: Samir Rage Matuck | Fazenda Santa Rosa

Region: Soledade de Minas, Mantiqueira Region, Minas Gerais

Variety: Red Catuai

Altitude: 1200 masl

Process: Full natural, dried in sun w/ mechanical driers

Tasting Notes: Creamy, smooth, nutty, chocolate overtones

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