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Guatemala El Injerto RFA


El Injerto Heuhuetenango Guatemala –  In the remote highlands of Huehuetenango sits Finca El Injerto, a lush coffee farm surrounded by untouched forest. Renowned worldwide for exquisite award-winning coffees and agricultural innovation, the Aguirre family is set apart– just a few of their accomplishments over the past decade include eight first place COE awards, Rainforest Alliance certification (RFA), in-house roasting operations and cafes, and a prestigious private auction held annually, fetching prices upwards of $100/lb.  This particular selection received a cupping score of 87.75.

The El Injerto coffee legacy began with Jesús Aguirre Panamá, who obtained the land in 1874. Originally, he produced sugarcane, corn, beans and tobacco. Between 1900-1905 he planted his first coffee trees, naming the farm El Injerto after fruits native to the region.

Today, the farm is owned and operated by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Aguirre family, Arturo Aguirre Sr. and Jr.. Together they’ve developed processes which set the bar high for coffee farmers worldwide. El Injerto is equipped with its own wet mill, dry mill, roasting operation, and cupping lab. Each step of the process is managed meticulously, from picking cherry at optimal ripeness to dry milling, with tight controls on traceability to the specific lot and day picked.

Ranging from 1500 to 1920 MASL, the farm is breathtaking. Coffee trees thrive beneath Inga, Macadamia and Gravillea trees. Average rainfall of 1600mm, a temperate climate around 22’C, and mineral rich, non-volcanic soil create the conditions for several unique micro-climates.  Integrated into their focus on excellence are social and environmental values. All over the farm, roads have been created so that pickers don’t have to haul bags of cherry long distances. Housing, clean water, and higher wages have been provided to workers. Electricity is created on the farm, and every part of the coffee plant is utilized to ensure the system is sustainable.



Grower: Finca El Injerto

Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Variety: Pacamara

Altitude: 1500-1920 masl

Process: washed

Tasting Notes: apricot. bergamot, green tea, melon, tangerine

Degree of Roast: 2-3

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