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SOUPS with pita

Creamy Potato & Roasted Garlic Soup  V $4.25

Hearty Chicken Vegetable Soup   $4.25


Quiche – egg, veggies & cheese V OR w/ bacon, ham or turkey.  $5.50

Tortilla Española Quiche – potato au gratin, egg & cheese.  $5.50

Breakfast Burrito – egg, cheese, beans, & potato V or w/ bacon.  $6.75

Vegan Chimichanga – potato, rice, beans & veggies. Made daily! VN DF   $7.25


Bagel w/ cream cheese – plain, parm, everything or cinn. raisin V $3.25

Hummus Bagel – choice of bagel with homemade hummus. V VN DF    $4.25

Chèvre Bagel – cream cheese, chèvre, sundried tomato mix topped w/ red onion V $4.75

Nut Butter, Honey, Banana – chunky peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, Guatemalan Coffee honey and banana on your choice of cinn raisin or plain bagel $4.95

Avocado Bagel – bagel w/avocado, homemade salsa & pine nuts VN DF  $6.25

Vegan Bagel – bagel w/ hummus & guacamole VN DF  $6.50

Açai Bowl – packed w/antioxidants served w/homemade granola & fresh VN DF   $7.95

Granola Bowl/Parfait – granola, fresh fruit w/ yogurt or milk (optional) $3.95

Oatmeal – rolled oats, milk, fresh berries, banana, & honey.  Walnuts upon request $3.95


Homemade Empanadas – Spicy chicken.  Made daily!   $3.25

Authentic Chicken Quesadilla – This is no regular quesadilla! Handmade with masa (corn flour), chicken mixture, and cheese, then pan fried. Served w/ spicy green salsa & crema Mexicana. Big enough to share. $6.75

Vegan Mushroon Veggie Quesadilla – We couldn’t let the meat-eaters have all the fun!  Homemade corn flour tortilla, mushrooms, carrots, celery, chiles, onion & garlic then pan fried. Choice of hot, med or mild salsa.  Hot salsa is made with adobo and peanut sauce. VN DF $6.75

Vegan Potato Quesadilla – What?  Another Vegan option!  Homemade corn flour tortilla,potatoes, onions, tomato, garlic and spices then pan fried. Choice of hot, med or mild salsa.  Hot salsa is made with adobo and peanut sauce. VN DF $6.75

Channa Masala – chickpeas with tomato, onion and spices. Served over rice. VN DF  $6.95

ROCO Nachos – org. corn chips, cheese, black beans & homemade salsa V  $6.95

Roasted Chicken on Pita – Jarlsberg Swiss, guacamole & red onions   $7.50

Beef Burrito – angus beef, potatoes, beans, corn and cheese   $8.50

Lamb Burrito – lamb, veggies & five grain brown rice.             $8.50


Ask about our fresh croissants, cookies, coffee cakes, frangipane and more!

V = Vegetarian  VN = vegan  DF = dairy free


All beverages are made with whole or skim milk.
Alternative milks (soy,
almond, oat, or coconut +$0.75).
Drinks can be made hot or iced!

Espresso – 2 shots  $2.80

Americano – Espresso w/ water   $2.80 (8/12oz)

Cortado – 2oz espresso w/ 2oz steamed milk (a strong latte).   $3.50 (4oz)

Macchiato – We serve ours traditional style: 2oz espresso topped w/ a dollop of milk
foam, served in espresso cup. (If you’re looking for a sweet caramel macchiato, ask for a
caramel latte!)  $3.50 (4oz)

Café au lait/Con Leche – Coffee w/ steamed milk  $2.75 (12oz), $3.55 (16/20oz)

Cappuccino – 2oz espresso w/ steamed milk. Options: wet (mostly milk, less foam)
dry (mostly foam, less milk), classic (½ foam, ½ milk).  $3.75 (8oz)

Latte – Espresso w/ micro foamed steamed milk.  $3.75 (12oz), $4.50 (16oz), $5.70 (20oz)

Mocha Latte – Homemade mocha powder, 2oz espresso, steamed milk. (White mocha +$1.10).  $4.00 (12oz), $4.80 (16oz), $5.75 (20oz)

Chai Latte – Homemade chai w/ steamed milk (mild, medium, or spicy).
$3.75 (12oz), $4.70 (16/20oz)

Matcha Latte – Japanese powdered green tea and steamed milk w/ honey (vanilla +$0.75).  $4.95 (12oz), $5.95 (16oz), $6.25 (20oz)

London Fog – Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, lavender or vanilla syrup.
$4.15 (12oz), $5.25 (16oz), $5.60 (20oz)

Frappe – 2oz espresso, ½ and ½, vanilla, banana. Blended into frozen beverage.
Options: vanilla, caramel, or mocha. Can be made w/o banana.  $5.90 (20oz)

Drip Coffee – Coffee of the day  $1.95 (8oz), $2.13 (12oz), $2.90 (16/20oz)

Iced Coffee – Served w/ coffee ice cubes.  $2.13 (12oz), $2.90 (16/20oz)

Tea – Ask for tea list!  $2.80 (12/16/20oz)

Iced Tea – Ask for tea list!  $3.30 (12/16/20oz)

Cold Brew – Coffee steeped in refrigerator. No hot water touches the grounds. This
creates a less acidic, smoother coffee. Served w/ coffee ice cubes.
$3.65 (12oz), $4.65 (16/20oz)

Nitro Cold Brew – Cold brew on nitro tap. Served w/ coffee ice cubes.
$4.60 (12oz), $5.60 (16oz)

Pour Overs – Choose from any of our coffees. Konas & Jamaicas are not always available
and will be upcharged.  $3.70 (12oz), $4.95 (16oz)

AeroPress – Rapid immersion brewing using an AeroPress coffee maker. Smooth, low
acidity coffee w/o bitterness.  $2.80 (8oz)

Hot Chocolate – Homemade mocha powder w/ steamed milk (kids temperature upon request).  $3.75 (12oz), $4.40 (16/20oz)

Steamer – Steamed milk w/ syrup (kids temperature upon request).
2.95 (12oz), $3.75 (16/20oz)

Italian Soda – Sparkling water w/ flavored syrup (24 choices). W/ ½ and ½ or whipped
cream.  $4.15 (16oz)

* Ask about our special seasonal drinks! *

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