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Soups with pita

Ask what’s available.

Quiche & Burritos   

Quiche – egg, veggies & cheese V OR w/ bacon, ham or turkey                                                 $5.50
Tortilla Española Quiche – potato au gratin, egg & cheese  V                                               $5.50
Breakfast Burrito – egg, cheese, beans, & potato V or w/ bacon                                            $6.75

Bagels, Açai, Yogurt & Oats

Bagel w/ cream cheese – plain, parm, everything or cinn. raisin                                    $2.95
Hummus Bagel – choice of bagel with homemade hummus. V VN                                     $4.25
Peanut Butter, Honey, Banana – chunky peanut butter, Guatemalan Coffee                 $4.95
honey and banana on your choice of cinn raisin or plain bagel V
Avocado Bagel – bagel w/avocado, homemade salsa & pine nuts VN DF                          $6.25
Vegan Bagel – bagel w/ hummus & guacamole VN DF                                                           $6.50
Açai Bowl – packed w/antioxidants served w/homemade granola & fresh VN DF            $7.95
Granola Bowl/Parfait
– granola, fresh fruit w/ yogurt or milk (optional) V                      $3.95
Oatmeal – rolled oats, milk, fresh berries, banana, & honey.  Walnuts upon request V      $3.95

Daily Specials

Homemade Empanadas – Spicy chicken.  Made daily!                                                          $3.25
Potato Fritter – homemade cheesy potato and bacon hash brown. Made for two!             $5.95
Authentic Mexican Quesadilla – This is no regular quesadilla!  Handmade with           $6.75
masa (corn flour), chicken mixture and cheese then pan fried. Served w/ spicy green
salsa & crema Mexicana. Big enough to share.
Sandwiches – Ask what’s available.                                                                                               $6.75
ROCO Nachos – org. corn chips, cheese, black beans & homemade salsa V                       $6.95
Roasted Chicken on Pita – Jarlsberg Swiss, guacamole & red onions                                      $7.50

Sweet & Savory Treats

Ask about our fresh croissants, cookies, coffee cakes, frangipane and more.
V = Vegetarian  VN = vegan  DF = dairy free

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